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Ulica Marcela Majseca 1, Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

Luxury apartments in the center of Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

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Ul. Marcela Majseca 1

Krapinske Toplice, Croatia

T. +385 92 111 6274
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Apartments Toplice are situated in the center of Krapinske Toplice just behind the new Hotel Villa Magdalena.

Krapinske Toplice are since ancient times well known thermal and spa resort. They are located in a quiet valley surrounded by wooded hills, in the center of Croatian Zagorje, only 50 km from Zagreb.

Arrival to apartment:

If You eneter the city from Zagreb or from Krapina, You will see, on Your rigt side, Konzum market, and few meters after it, You will arrive to triangle street cross, where You have to go to the rigt, towards Hospital, until the barrier, then You wil turn to the left, driving up for about 30 m, to the first house on the left side, where free parking place waits for You.

If You enter the city from oposite side (from Pregrada or Tuheljske Toplice), after You pass the Hotel building You will arrive to the same triangle street cross, where, in this case, You have to turn to the left, towards the Hospital, and then again turn to the left, up to the apartment.


Wellness Spa Hotel Villa Magdalena, Krapinske Toplice